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If you are looking for gorgeous Name Labels, School Labels, Clothing Labels and other Personalised Labels, Stuck On You is here to help. Your kids may never lose their belongings again! Stuck On You always aims to be Number 1 for quality, style & service and produce gorgeous range of name labels, school labels or iron on clothing labels. They're bright and easy to read with fun icons to choose from. Stuck On You Labels are famous for "Labels That Stay Stuck" Our labels stay stuck in the dishwasher, microwave or washing machine. Kids love them for their designs; Mums love them for their practicality. Innovative shoe labels, pencil labels and bag tags ensure your kids are sorted from childcare to school and sporting club activities. When it comes to children's birthdays, Christmas or a special occasions, the Stuck on You range of gifts that stand out from the crowd.

Name Labels

Looking for the coolest name labels with funky original designs? Our name labels are made in Australia have been trusted by Mums and loved by kids. Stuck on You quality Name Labels, trusted for over 15 years.

We love these name labels, they're the perfect school name label for kids. Use our name labels for child care and kindergarten, label your child's belongings and avoid lost property. Stick Stuck On You name labels on their school lunch box, backpack, hats, sporting equipment and valuables. Remember to use the iron on name labels for their clothing, especially school uniforms, sports gear and shoe labels to keep those expensive school shoes from being lost! Carers have told us that labelling shoes is a fantastic idea, it's so easy for kids to identify their shoes in the pile at the door. Placing name labels on your child's belongings is important as it makes it easy for schools to identify items in lost property. If you're sending your child to kindergarten, child care or school and are unsure which name labels to buy, why not consider one of our fantastic name label value packs? These packs are a great way to start labelling your child's belongings. Stuck On You name labels are labels that stay stuck and are made from the finest vinyl we can source. We print using environmentally friendly inks that are both dishwasher and microwave safe. Stuck on You name labels are trusted by Mums and loved by kids - Stick with the coolest and the best, Stuck On You Labels.

School Labels

Looking for school labels? Stuck on You have a huge range of labels for school, kinder and childcare. From labels for school uniforms, school books, school shoes, lunch boxes, backpacks, hats, sporting equipment and valuables; Stuck on You have a label for all your schooling needs!

Label the school books in style this year with Stuck on You school labels. These designer collection book labels are the ultimate in school labels, available in the most gorgeous, vibrant designs. Ensure the school uniforms don't go missing with Stuck on You clothing labels. Guaranteed to stay put even after commercial laundering and drying, clothing labels are ideal for boarding school too! Choose from easy to apply iron on label dots or strips, stick on clothing labels and even sock name labels! Beat the back to school rush with Stuck on You. Order your school labels quickly and easily by simply logging onto Help prevent the expensive school shoes from going missing with Stuck on You shoe labels. Made to fit in the heels of all shoes, you can purchase them with clear protective labels as well so they stay put! Purchase shoes dots, squares or classic shoe labels; they are essential school labels.

Iron On Clothing Labels

Ensure your child's clothes come back to their rightful owners and make lost property a thing of the past with iron on clothing labels from Stuck on You.

Iron on clothing labels from Stuck on You are made to stay stuck through hundreds of washes, even through commercial laundering so they are ideal for nursing homes and boarding schools as well as home use. Best of all, they are so easy to apply! Simply place the iron on clothing label in the position you want it and press down with a medium to hot iron for ten seconds, that's it! To watch our 'how to' video, simply click on the video link here. Though they are almost impossible to remove, you can easily apply another iron on clothing label over the top if you make a mistake or wanted to sell uniforms second hand.

Stick them on school uniforms, socks, hats, linen, jumpers, towels, pencil cases, bathers and bags. With up to two lines of text, Stuck on You iron on clothing labels are perfect for featuring your child's name and a phone number to contact or have their dorm room number featured!

Available in pink, blue or white with black writing, there is an iron on clothing label for everyone! Looking for something fun and different? Have you seen the iron on clothing dots? Also available in pink, blue and white they feature a fun icon in the centre of your choice! Make odd socks a thing of the past with iron on sock labels. They come in a rainbow of colours suitable for boys and girls or have white labels printed with black ink.

Stick with the original and the best Stuck on You iron on clothing labels.

Personalised Backpacks

Personalised kids backpacks from Stuck on You are stylish yet practical and are perfect for school, sleepovers, sports and travel. Kids and parents alike will love these cute backpacks.

Whether your kids are at school, kindergarten or child care, these personalized backpacks are just the thing to carry all the essentials. Available in a range of cool designs and colours, they are Australian made from quality fabrics.

These gorgeous kids backpacks come in lavender, red, blue or pink and you can choose from several contrasting piping colours. Personalise the backpacks with your kids names over cute designs like babushka dolls, monsters, signing birds, jungle animals and cupcakes. They will make your child the envy of all their little friends. Everyone will want to know where you got it from!

"I just love these backpacks from Stuck on You, they are the best accessory for school and kindergarten. My kids can easily recognise their own bag and they love carrying them everywhere! I fill the kids backpacks with clothes for weekends away and trips to the Grandparents. They are perfect for swimming lessons and taking to the beach too. A must have!"

Stuck on You, trusted by Mums, loved by kids for over 15 years.

Personalised Lunchboxes

Looking for a lunch box that will keep food fresh and that kids will love? Then a personalised lunchbox from Stuck on You is just the answer! Stuck on You lunch boxes make great gift ideas too!

Personalised T Shirts, Personalised backpacks and Personalised lunchboxes are sure to be a favourite for a birthday gift or back to school. Stuck On You has gorgeous collections and fantastic quality. That's why we're trusted by Mums and loved by kids.

Stuck On You are famous for quality and our gorgeous lunch boxes are no exception. Available in seven vibrant colour combinations and over ten gorgeous designs, our lunch boxes are the perfect gift idea. With thermal lining, they are perfect for keeping lunches cool. They feature padded handles so little hands can easily carry them. Personalise these stylish lunchboxes with your child's name over cute designs such as jungle animals, cupcakes, signing birds, traffic jams, babushka dolls and much, much more! Purchase a matching lunch box for your gorgeous Stuck on You backpack and send your child back to school in style! Even pre-schoolers who can't yet read can recognise their belongings by the funky designs featured on their lunch boxes. Stuck on You's original designs and quality products have been trusted by Mums and loved by kids for over 15 years, your adorable lunchboxes will last for years to come!

Wall Stickers

We now have a huge range of removable wall stickers. Our range of Door Art, Wall Art and Room Art designs will ensure you can decorate their rooms with fun designs, then simply reposition them and refresh the look of your room in minutes.

Bag Tags

Instantly recognise your belongings with Stuck on You bag tags. Perfect for school, kinder and attaching to luggage the gorgeous range of bag tags from Stuck on You make finding bags easy!

Stuck on You sell designer collection silicone bag tags, glow in the dark bag tags, mini tags and dog tags, all Australian made with quality materials. There is a wide range of bright colours and trendy designs to choose from; a mixture of red, green, blue and yellow tag colours combined with either a ladybird, daisy or even a dinosaur to name a few.

You finally arrive at your destination after a long flight. Then, comes the most frustrating part of the journey; the collection of your luggage. The vibrantly coloured and uniquely designed bag tags from Stuck on You make finding luggage at the airport a breeze. Simply attach a Stuck on You bag tag to your luggage and there will be no more awkward moments picking up someone else's bag.

The silicone personalised bag tags are simply gorgeous, with designs including kittens, friendly monsters, butterflies and jungle animals. Have your name printed on the reverse or leave them blank. The classic bag tags are made from recyclable plastic, are waterproof and U.V resistant. Most popular with the boys are glow in the dark bag tags; the spooktacular designs are sure to impress.

Stuck On You founder Carrie, has been amazed by the orderliness bags tags give her family. "I have three kids that have identical school bags, and the only way to tell them apart, is by their bag tags. There are now no more fights about one having another's bag and accidentally taking it to their class." Stuck on You bag tags are ideal for families, children and the discerning traveller.

Personalised Stationery, Personalised Notepads, Birthday Invitations & Gift Labels

Our personalised stationery and gift labels are great gifts ideas. Gorgeous designs make the perfect birthday gift for boys and girly. Find out more about our personalised stationery & gift labels.

Personalised Wristbands, Safety Wristbands

Our Wristbands can be personalised with your child's details for their security. Find out more about our personalised wristbands.

Personalised Stationery

Our personalised stationery and gift labels make great gifts ideas. Gorgeous designs make the perfect birthday gift for boys and girls. Find out more about our personalised stationery & gift labels here.


Easy Fundraising

If fundraising is an important part of your organisation's calendar, then why not make it easy with the help of Stuck on You; easy fundraising that won't rot your teeth.

Fundraising with Stuck on You offers an alternative to the run of the mill chocolate fundraisers, or items that simply go straight into the bin. Our fun, quality labels and bags are perfect for schools, kindergartens and sporting clubs. By partnering with Stuck on You for your fundraising activities, not only does your organisation's bank account benefit, you will also help to minimise the lost property pile.

Best of all, it's so easy to get started. Simply visit the website for your country and register through our fundraising page. You will be able to create your unique code which can be used when placing orders online or over the phone. Orders placed using your unique fundraising code will earn up to 20% commission for your fundraiser.

Don't forget that this fundraising is ongoing. You can request payments quarterly which will be paid into your eligible account. Easy!

For full fundraiser information, visit the website for your country.

School Fundraising

Looking for a school fundraiser that won't rot your teeth? Look no further than Stuck on You. Stuck on You school fundraising is fun, practical and easy! You can earn up to 20% commission.

Our wide range of colours, designs and products means there is something for everyone and of course it provides a unique alternative to the traditional school fundraising methods. There are no hidden costs, just a fantastic way to give parents the opportunity to label their child's belongings and for the school to get a handle on their lost property.

There are many ways to promote your fundraiser including email, social media and more. Our team has a range of campaign materials and are happy to speak with you to find out the best way for you to promote your fundraiser. Simply contact us at with your questions.

It's the easiest school fundraiser ever! No more knocking on strangers doors to sell raffle tickets, no more forcing chocolate upon family and friends; just useful, practical items, that keep lost property levels down and help items be returned to their rightful owners.